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    Satyapoorna Math
    Satyapoorna Math
    Uttaradhi Math, Kanchipuram
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    Sri Satyapoorna teertha Gurubhyo namaha

    Sri Satya Poorna Math at Kanchipuram is located in a locality called Chinna Kanchipuram or Vishnu Kanchi. Situated at about a 3 minute walk from the famous Sri Varadarajar temple in Vishnu Kanchi, our Math has a centuries old presence at Kanchi doing service to both Sri Varadaraja Swamy and devotees alike. The math is at about a 10 minute drive from the bus stand of Kanchipuram and share autos do ply frequently from bus stand to Varadarajar temple.

    Kanchipuram itself is just 2 hours from Chennai by bus. Nearest railway station is Arakonam. From Bangalore, it takes about 3 to 4 hours by car and about 5 hours by bus. Sri Satya Poorna Math is a branch of Sri Uttaradi Math. Due to the presence of Sri Satya Poorna Theertharu at Kanchi more than 3 centuries ago who rendered service to Sri Varadaraja Swamy apart from running a Vidyapeeta, the math at Kanchi got the name Sri Satya Poorna Math.

    A diamond pendant offered by Sri Satya Poorna Theertharu to the utsava murthy of Sri Varadaraja Swamy still adorns the deity and is still called ‘Satya Poorna Padaka’ by temple authorities. There are inscriptions at the entrance of the Varadaraja Swamy temple mentioning the services rendered by saints like Sri Satya Natha Theertharu, parama guru of Sri Satya Poorna Theertharu.

    The ancient traditions of glorious service by our Math to Sri Varadaraja Swamy and sevas like anna dhana to visiting devotees especially during Brahmotsava time are being revived under the divine guidance of the pontiff of Sri Uttaradi Math, Shri Shri 1008 Shri Satyatma Theertha Swamiji.

    We welcome all of you to visit Kanchi at the earliest and obtain the blessings of Sri Varadaraja Swamy, Yoga Narasimha Swamy, pancha mukhi Anjaney, Raghavendra Swamy and Sri Satya Poorna Theertharu.

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    ||Sarve janah Sukhino bhavanthu||