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    Satyapoorna Math
    Satyapoorna Math
    Uttaradhi Math, Kanchipuram
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    Kanchi Kshetra

    Kanchi, also known as Ghatikasthanam (place of higher learning) by many, is one of the seven holy cities revered as 'Moksha Puri' and is unique in being the only one from South India.

     'Nagareshu Kanchi'

    As Krishna quotes in Bhagavathgita, this ancient city has found its reference in many Puranas and ithihasas, serving as a vibrant source of Gnana and Bhakti from time immemorial.

    This city, which is one of the oldest one among the ancient cities in the world, has many famous temples.

    This city houses 16 Vishnu temples, 28 Shiva temples, 28 teerthas and 7 rivers. The most magnificent being the  23-acred (93,000 m2) complex of Varadharaja Swamy Temple. This temple houses the sanctorum of Sri Yoga Narasimha Swami and Sri Varadaraja Swamy. Lord Sri Narayana revealed his grace in form of Sri Varadharaja Swami by virtue of yagna of Lord Sri Brahma.

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