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    Satyapoorna Math
    Satyapoorna Math
    Uttaradhi Math, Kanchipuram
    • About Sri Uttaradhi Mata

      Among the samsthana prathimas that are worshipped daily at Sri Uttaradi Math are Sri Moola Rama Devaru idol and Sri Moola Seetha Devi idol which have been worshipped from the initial times of Brahma Devaru himself and the poojas have spanned all the four yugas. Another precious idol worshipped is that of Sri Digvijaya Ramachandra Devaru, worshipped by Sri Madhwacharya. Pooja also happens daily to many other idols and special saligramas called Vyasa Mushti etc. Having a darshan of such divine idols and saligramas during the samsthana pooja performed by Sripadangalavaru brings all good things to the devotees.

      The activities of Sri Uttaradi Math are quite wide as well as deep. Upholding sanatana dharma of our Bharata desha is a primary goal of Sri Uttaradi Math. Daily patha and daily pooja are never missed by the pontiff of Sri Uttaradi Math. There are many vidyapeethas that are run by the Sri Matha, which helps in preparing pundits of high calibre. Propagation of our philosophy and knowledge goes hand in hand with services to the society. The key services include proiding scholarships to students, running medical camps, organizing vadhu vara events, organizing job fairs and providing emergency relief during natural calamities. We are glad to be followers of Sri Uttaradi Math and we renew our pledge to serve all.

      Pt.Hemanthachar Gudi is the mathadikari at Sri Uttaradi Math (Sri Satya Poorna Math), Kanchi, Tamilnadu

      (Ph: 9498099360, email: satyapoornamath.kanchi@gmail.com)

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