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      The life of the people depended on different thing for survival in different yugas. For example, we hear Hiranyakashyapu did penance till he was left with just his skeleton (Asthigathaprana). Likewise in Kaliyuga it is "Annagathaprana". Annadana is one of the two daanas where people can actually be satisfied.

      "Anna daatha sukhi bhava."

      There have been many instances in Ithihasa, Puranadi granthas to justify the importance of annadaana, that vatus who went to gurukula were given both food for thought and food for stomach.

      "Annadaanava madidavanige Anna umbuvde saakshi"

      The Brahma Purana, in Kanchi Mahatmihya, states that anyone accepting annadhana @ Kanchipuram is none other than Sakshat Varadaraja with Sanka, chakra. Performing anna dhana to one, is expected to bring 1000 times of Punya.

      Visesha Anna daana seva during the 10 days of Brahmothsava has been a custom in the matha ever since the time of Sri Sathyapoorna Theertha Swamiji. 

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    ||Sarve janah Sukhino bhavanthu||