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    Vaishaka Brahmotsava Of Lord Varadharaja

     Brahmotsava of Varadharaja swami happens every year in Sowramana Vaishaka Masa and hence the name Vaishaka utsava or Vaishaka Brahmotsava. This Utsava is a 10 day event with almost 2 utasavas in a day (morning and evening), where the lord blesses the devotees in different vahanas and with different alanakras. This utasava happens by the direct orders of Sri Varadahraja Swami himself to Lord Brahma and it is believed that Loard Brahma comes to Kanchi every year and does this utsava to the Lord by himself.  The Details of every day in brahmotsava is shared below with respective pictures. 

    Pre Brahmotsava Activities and Utsavams

    Annadhana seva @ Sathyapoorna Math

    During the 10 day Brahmotsava , 10 day annadhana is being offered in Sathyappoorna Math for all hari bakthas. This Annadhana seva dates back to the times of Sri Sathyapoornateertharu and with the blessings of Sri Satyatmateertharu, the annadhana traditions continues even today. To know more about the importance of Annadhana @ kanchi , check out the below link

    Importance of Annadhana at Kanchi
    Day 1

    Descending of Lord from Hastigiri, Dwajaaraohana, Swarnachaparam(morning), Shimavahana(eve) 

    Day 2

    Hamsavahana (Morning), SuryaPrabae(Eve)

    Day 3

    GarudaVahana (morning), HanumanthaVahana (eve)

    Day 4

    Seshavahana donated by Vyasarajaru (morning), Chandraprabae(eve)

    Day 5

    Mohini Avatara (Morning), Yazee Vahana (eve)

    Day 6

    Venugopala alankara(morning), Gajavahana(evening)

    Day 7

    Brahma Ratha

    Day 8

    Sri Padha Abhishekam(morning), Aswavahana(evening)

    Day 9

    SwarnaPallaki(morning), Teerthavari(for PranatharthiHara varadha) and punyakooti vimana(evening)

    Day 10

    Dwadhasa Aradhana(morning) and Vetti Vear chhapparam (a Vahana made of roots of a plant, evening)

    ||Sarve janah Sukhino bhavanthu||